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Being charged with DUI can immediately put your driving privileges at risk, and that’s on top of carrying around a criminal record for years afterward. At Catina Law, LLC, we help our clients fight these charges and protect their rights. If you were charged with Driving Under the Influence, call our Stroudsburg DUI defense lawyer right away. We offer decades of criminal defense experience to help you get the best possible outcome for your situation.

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How Pennsylvania Treats DUI/DWI

It is important that you know your rights when you are arrested for impaired driving. Unfortunately, there are some myths people believe about DUI law.

Here are the top five we’ve encountered:

  • DUI is not a crime: Some believe DUI is a minor offense with minimal consequences. This is not true. While most DUIs in Pennsylvania are charged as misdemeanors, they can be more severe depending on factors such as any previous DUI convictions you have, your blood alcohol level, any other controlled substances in your blood (prescribed or otherwise), and whether you refuse chemical testing.
    The severity can range from an ungraded misdemeanor with a maximum punishment of probation up to a misdemeanor of the first degree with a maximum penalty of five years’ incarceration and a $10,000 fine.
  • I need a .08 percent Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) to be arrested for DUI: While .08 percent BAC can get you charged with DUI, you can also be arrested if you are incapable of safe driving, regardless of your BAC. If you are under 21 years of age, the threshold blood alcohol content is .02 percent.
  • I can’t be arrested for DUI if I’m pulled off the road: While the crime bears the word “driving” in its title, you can be arrested and convicted of DUI if you are “in actual physical control of a motor vehicle.” Even if you are pulled off the side of the road asleep with the keys next to you, you could still be arrested and convicted of a DUI since you have the ability to wake up and control the vehicle.
  • Once I reach .08 percent BAC, it doesn’t matter if it reads any higher: Pennsylvania DUI law has a tiered system which will dictate how severe the offense is and what penalty you will face. If your BAC is significantly above .08, combined with any prior DUI offenses, your penalties could worsen.
  • I shouldn’t have to take a blood or breath test: In Pennsylvania, having a driver’s license means you automatically agree to submit to a blood or breath test. Anything short of full participation is deemed a refusal, and it will increase the penalties you face. You do not have a choice of the kind of test that is given; it is completely up to the officer’s discretion.

How We Can Help

You need to get started on an effective defense right away. In many cases, small details could change the outcome of your case. Let our Stroudsburg criminal defense lawyer help you protect yourself. During our free consultation, we can go over the charges and evidence filed against you to accurately assess what to do next.

Failure to adequately plan could result in:

  • Probation sentences up to five years’ incarceration
  • Fines from $500 to $10,000
  • License suspensions ranging from 12 – 18 months and the requirement to obtain certain evaluations and treatment.
  • Mandatory jail time ranging anywhere from two days to a year.

You may qualify for other programs, but you will need the advice of an experienced attorney. As in many of these situations, time is critical. The passage of time could forfeit rights you have or exclude you from available programs.

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